Rummaging Happiness

Are you waiting for happiness to knock at your door while you remain curled up in your bed on a winter morning with your blanket embracing you? Even if you feel it so it’s quite normal as it is a propensity of us humans to expect something that we don’t deserve or have done nothing to achieve it!

But I wanna tell all the people reading this to step out and go on a quest for happiness and believe me in India you will not find it miles away. Wondering what I mean huh ? If what I am saying is true then in India everybody would’ve been content and ecstatic. I will come to that in a little while, hold your horses till then! Meanwhile anticipate a little about ‘What true happiness is?’

Is it when you hold all the aces? But that person is called successful, isn’t it? We are often flummoxed by these two words (success and happiness) and believe that they coexist. However, I believe success is more related to power, ambition, money, status, and puissance. All this leads us to acquire a financial stability, a superior social statuette, and a voice to manifest our opinions.

Success is transitory at the same time it never terminates! Sounds paradoxical, right? But what I certainly imply is success is not rigid or it is flexible (at one instance you feel at the peak and in another moment-BOOM, everything slips like water) and also the path of success never culminates. As soon as you feel affluent and well-heeled, you urge for accomplishing more aims and this continues until you demise. Now don’t get me wrong, I am not against opulence or progression. All I want to convey is that eminence without glee is nothing but just a mere temptation.

Returning to my subject, isn’t true euphoria emanates when you see other people beaming? Or when a little kid grins ingeniously and more than that when you realise this perfect laughter was because of you? Have little credence in me and try to be the reason for someone’s smile!

This is what me and some of my friends were endeavouring on a Sunday morning. We encountered several people, made them smile, and were captivated by tranquility. When each of us will be a genesis of joy for others, then profoundly each person in not only my country but in the world will be jocular. Moreover you will be proud of yourself and this what experience says!

Lastly, to convey all my thoughts, I need to impetrate from someone else’s saying:

“If you want happiness for an hour – take a nap,

 if you want happiness for a day – go fishing, 

if you want happiness for a year – inherit a fortune, 

if you want happiness for lifetime – help someone else”!

Chinese Proverb 

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  1. never.stop.exploring says:

    My take on happYness….
    May be fate is out of our control but to be happy is in our hand….to quote my teacher, greatest happiness is persuit of knowledge…

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    1. Your teacher laid out true words!

      Liked by 1 person

    2. Thanks for stopping by!


      1. never.stop.exploring says:

        Done with backlogs….and thanks for stopping by too…

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