Labyrinth Of Life

What was your latest dream about? Was it scary or captivating? Did that detonate your night and sleep? Or did you want it to never end? Were you awake half-way in a beautiful dream or in the middle of a horrific one? And last question, were you able to understand why did you see that dream?

Perhaps, after ‘dreams’, the most ambiguous thing I have ever wondered about is life itself. The whole megillah of life is complicated. Starting from death (I know this sounds paradoxical, because death is the culmination) but what I want to lay stress on, is that- I’ve often heard people saying that life and death are opposites, but I don’t agree because death is a phase of life; it’s a chunk of it. Thus, how can they be irreconcilable? Antonyms are not connected to each other in any way, nevertheless death and life are affixed. Isn’t this perplexing?

Now, if I were to use ‘dreams’ as an analogy for life I would say-
like dreams life is unpredictable, like dreams life is undefined and indefinite, like dreams life is a concoction of miseries and serenity (the problem is you don’t know beans about when the dream would be frightening and when sensible), like dreams in life we encounter a bunch of people whose faces slip out of our mind the very next morning, like dreams life is unmethodical and arbitrary, and like each and every dream is always anew, each and every day in life is  different.

I have attributed life in a very ambivalent way but so is life. Although, if there is something I find crystal clear in life, it is death, that is inevitable, irrevocable and perhaps the only definite impedimenta of life. However I don’t want to end my article by talking about death ‘cause many of us take it as something negative hence, I would conclude by saying “the two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why”(Mark Twain) and “there is one purpose of life and one only: to bear witness to and understand as much as possible of the complexity of the word; its beauties, its mysteries, its riddles.”(Anne Rice)

I was told to write a column for my college magazine on the topic “labyrinth of life”. I thought of some other titles but nothing was more appropriate and apt than this itself. Life is like a fill in the blank(_____) with the answer changing in every few seconds. Life is just inexplicable.


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