Orthodoxical Paranoia

Aren’t we humans a flesh of hypocrisy? Especially people around me. They are definitely a piece of rechtgläubig. Living in India, my society never fails to astound me.  Women are expected to be some docile, amiable. decision – abiding, emotional, stupid creatures. ‘They have a mind less developed than men’, this is what I have heard like a mantra from a dozens of people. Till today in the 21st century people believe that boys can pick up things more hastily than girls. Sheer BULLSHIT.  We women are not supposed to talk about sex but expected to produce a child within a year of marriage. ” oh my god what did you just say? Don’t you have any etiquettes?”  And more ridiculous charges are pressed against the girl who say the word sex like any other normal word. Sex is such an over rated word in India so is the population.  Women, the one’s who are housewives, work day and night for the diurnal activities which bind the family together. She doesn’t even have a Sunday off, yet she is not considered as a ‘working’ women.  Walking on a road in a skirt, invites men, so if she is raped then some of the fault is hers also. As if she wanted to be abused and physically tortured. How insane the society can sound, certainly they have a damaged medulla oblongata. Doesn’t guys walk on road in shorts? Have you ever heard a girl staring at his legs and muttering obscenities? No. Right! When a woman achieves something, it’s hell of a great deal. For instance we give so much importance to, “The first woman prime minister” or “The first women to travel in space” and not the first man to be the president of some country or anything. Why?   If a woman is a rickshaw puller,we are like WOW,as if it’s the big enchilada. But I wanna question why? Just because she is a woman, she is expected to do something which the society has set for her? She definitely deserves respect and appreciation, not because she is doing the work out of her “reach”, but because she is challenging the so called identified roles laid by society. There are endless examples which exasperates me whenever I think upon them, be it- Deciding if the rapist has done something wrong or not?  Or Maybe the terrorist has suddenly had a change of heart so we should think whether to hang him or not? Or Where law is more about how to save oneself rather than punishing the guilty. I just felt the need of writing something on this topic, maybe what I have said, you’ve already heard, but these facts are worth restating, AGAIN AND AGAIN!


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