The Delphic Question


My reader, do you reckon in the existence of Destiny? I am ambivalent about this subject, and will forever be! This word pushes me to believe in her, as if there is some magnetic pull. However beautiful this word may sound to my ears; anyhow, she will always be the North pole and I, always the south! No matter what, we are always attracted to each other. I want to say aloud, I DONT BELIEVE IN YOU, DESTINY! MY LIFE WILL BE WHAT I MAKE OF IT. But (this word which is ambiguous too), sometimes I am unable to control the situations I am into. You must be thinking that’s absolutely normal, but don’t you think, if you could actually take hold of that one situation, you could be a more content human being!

( I want to clarify one thing here, I am not talking about dominating other people’s life.)


Destiny is more like an excuse.

“I couldn’t get into a good IT firm, because it wasn’t in my Kismet!”

“She refused my proposal, she wasn’t in my Fate!”

“He couldn’t score a good percentage, maybe it wasn’t in his Destiny!”

Destiny is devouring our self-esteem, our determination to capture objectives which we think are beyond our reach, our courage, she is savouring everything in her plate! I am not saying, I am untouched by her, in fact there was a time when I was completely in grip of her. But, there was one petal which couldn’t grow by the nourishment destiny provided! And this petal saved my life.

I ask you all again, do you believe in Destiny? Even now, I cannot emphatically declare that I don’t believe in her, because there are times I am in an obligation to believe that She exists. I am forced to conjecture that whatever happens cannot always fulfil my desires and longings. Can this voyage called life – I have undertaken involuntarily – certainly go according to my endeavours? Can yours? The one thing that comes to mind immediately is a NO. But why? Do you know the answer? Do I know the answer? Whatever it is, the answer is different for everyone! We all have ostensible reasons. Some say it’s God who control, some believe in destiny, some blame other people! We just need excuses to save ourselves from ignominy which is actually the consequence of our own deeds.

Can this article ever be ended? I have not the capacity or the intellect to conclude this, perhaps because I am flooded with my own thoughts that the space in my mind to endorse other perspectives is lost.


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  1. Imran Ali says:

    Truly, when we accept the Divine Destiny we lead a more satisfying and productive life.  When we don’t get what we wish or strive for, our belief in divine destiny prevents us from becoming despondent or frustrated.  We accept the tragedy as a test from God and submit to His will with patience and dignity.

    And if our plans work successfully or something good happens to us, belief in divine destiny will prevent us from becoming too boastful or arrogant.  Many successful people feel that their wealth and status are because they are smarter, wiser, stronger, or just more deserving of success than others.  But the truth is, they may have made certain choices, it is God who made those choices work out well for them.


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