Encouraging Thunder Award

Normally, I don’t do awards, not because I am arrogant or have superiority complex, but due to time constraints. Yeah, I am a very busy person. I bet all of you’d be too, but you guys perhaps do better time management than me, since by an immensely sensible nature I am a messy, lazy person. (:p) Whatsoever, choosing to do this award fulfils various of my selfish reasons. Why would I do this for anything but my self? 

(A) I am in my writer’s block (which I am feeling will end not before eternity, umm maybe this is what I feel in every writer’s block). Anyway, the point being, at least I’ll be able to write something through this award. 

(B) I think this is the only award I have come across, the criteria of which is why you chose to blog, and why I write is a question I am trying to answer for many years now, but I will try to accommodate here all my ambiguous thoughts on it. (Maybe I won’t)

(C) The title of this award is just so cool, “Encouraging Thunder”. Woah! 

Mainly it was the title which caught my attention to an extent, that I actually got ready to participate in it almost instantly (Not that fast though).

I am extremely sorry for not thanking the person who nominated me at the very beginning. But I am sure she will understand because her blog gives me this vibe that she is very empathetic by nature, not to forget that she writes well too. So check out her wonderful blog – FreeBryd

The rules of the blog are-

  • Enjoy the fact that someone thinks I’m awesome. (Is this a rule?)
  • Discuss my purpose in blogging.
  • Nominate a few of my fellow bloggers to participate in this fun way of giving thanks to others.

I don’t want to get into the deep shit of my life and narrate to you why I chose to write. But I can tell you why I chose to blog. Does the two sound similar to you? Umm, they aren’t. 

Nevertheless, blogging is something which gives me a break from the never ending race/competition encumbered profoundly in our world. So to say, it rests my soul in peace (Bad analogy, I know). 

Also because I love writing, perhaps love is a weaker word for what I want to manifest, maybe there isn’t any word in my vocabulary which will satisfy me and demonstrate rightly what writing is for me. Oh my god, I am writing as if I am envisioning my soul mate. In short, I blog to hide from the world, to understand myself and others through their words and…
Leave it! (It’s getting exhausting not for me, but to read such crap requires determination on part of the reader)

So, I nominate everyone rather than a few of you all. The title is so awe-striking-ly Co-Ol. Go for it people. If you agree with me and want to go for this award, you can always link me as the nominator.
Happy Reading.


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  1. Good Post. Regards Lucas

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  2. wafflemethis says:


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    1. Thank you Darshith.


  3. Congratulations like you I have not done anything with my blog awards due to time.

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    1. Ikr. TIME, I just don’t have much.
      Thanks anyhow for reading!

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    1. Thank you. Yippiee! 😀


  4. I’m glad you accepted this award because you are a very talented writer. You put a lot into your posts so, I think your ‘block’ is simply a matter of refilling. Keep thundering!

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    1. Thank you Pam. I am more than happy to read your comment. You are one heck of an amazing writer yourself.

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      1. I’m blushing…:0

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      2. Haha, me too! Lol

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    2. And I like the last two words. 😀

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    1. I know right. Apart from the title being extremely cool, when you are in writer’s block, you can start doing awards which my to deny get your brain thinking.

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  5. Ms. Vee says:


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    1. Thanks. ✌🏻️🎈


      1. Ms. Vee says:

        You’re welcome.

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  6. Nena says:

    Congrats to a fellow thunder of encouragement;) lol That was so wonderful if you to nominate everyone So far everyone I’ve “met” in the blog world has been awesome and should flaunt this award proudly!

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    1. Thank you. I am happy you stopped by. 😀

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  7. bowmanauthor says:

    Congrats! Perfect award to highlight your uniqueness.

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    1. Thank you very much! 🙂

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  8. izza ifzaal says:

    Congrats n well description was apt ☺☺☺

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  9. The V-Pub says:

    Congratulations, Srishti, on your award. Thank you for visiting my blog today, and I look forward to following yours.


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    1. Same here, Rob.
      Thank you!

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  10. Jeni G.J says:

    I like the humor in your writing.☺☺☺


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