Are failures really the stepping stones to success? 

There is no relevance of the first line as per me, and if you want you can absolutely ignore it. 

Stop for a second, and think about yourself.

I seriously think the infamous saying that failures are the stepping stones to success is dubious and irritating. It was probably made to console the people who fail, to give them the hope they recently lost. 

I didn’t get through, I wasn’t selected. Okay? Yes I didn’t get what I wanted. And now I have said it; said that I am disheatened, said that I feel absolutely fucking terrible. And you know what writing it, definitely doesn’t help. But here I am, writing it down. It makes me think, now it’s recorded and it will forever stay here, that it will sadden me whenever I will read this in future. Okay, to be honest I probably won’t ever read it again basically ’cause A. maybe in future I will laugh outright to apprehend how foolish this is, that how stupid I was to devote a whole post to a situation which was so trivial and not even worth so much stress. I can also possibly think – if I would be mature and strong enough – that there will come better chances and opportunities in life, that everything happens for some hidden good, our eyes can’t see. Or B. I will be again morose at the thought of not getting through, of not getting what I wanted and take my eyes off this post. 

Without digressing further, in simple and not-revealing-much words, there was umm… a competition which I couldn’t clear, in layman terms.

And you know how my mind consoled me? By popping this idiotic idea in my head that, “Wow, now at last you will be able to write something.” Like seriously? Here I am not able to recover failure, and that what the wise mind advises me. On the other note, making it all the more obvious that grief and pain urges you to write more than happiness and rejoice. Probably because you are too engrossed to think about anything while you are happy. 

Was I too-confident (read over-confident) of getting through? And  I request you to fathom other questions that I asked myself in the middle of the night, doubting my caliber, my whole self, ’cause I don’t have the strength to point my weaknesses. I guess I underestimated my opponents. That was my fault. Period. 

More than all this, I despise all the people asking me “Oh, what happened?”, “How was it?” blah, blah, blah. I hate people who said, “Oh you will surely win.” I feel the envity and cruelty existing in our surroundings. I hate people, as always. Then, I feel people who don’t know me are better companions, as always. 

There are so many other things I can write but my thoughts right now are like a megillah of tangled hair.

I wrote another piece on rejection some time back, I hope to post it if I am able to complete it. There is also one poem I hope to post soon. Till then try to overcome your failures no matter how hard that is. I am writing this for you and mainly for myself.


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  1. Matt On Accident says:

    Trivial or not, you felt it. And those feelings are yours to have. Let no one, especially yourself, downplay or dismiss their reality. Feel how you want, whenever you want, and you’ll move on when you’re good and ready. Personally, I think your automatic thought was a conditioned response, inculcated from childhood.

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  2. I won’t tell you that it’s okay or anything else to make you feel better-ish since I believe you’re smart and stable enough to figure that out already.
    I’m just dropping in here to let you know that there are people who read and can relate to things you put down. (so infrequently these days) 😛

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    1. Yeah I know it’s been a long time. 😂
      I wasn’t getting the time and topic.
      I don’t think I should say I am glad you could connect to it ’cause I am definitely not endorsing failures. 😛

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  3. freespirit says:

    Sidharth said it for me you come across smart enough to figure it all out for yourself Srishti.

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    1. I ain’t that smart as you people think I am.


  4. If you speak the way you write, I could listen to you all day!

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    1. Thanks for the lovely comment! 🙂


  5. Failure is a stepping stone only if you fail earlier. If not, failure is just an obstacle on your path.

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  6. Nena says:

    Thank you for sharing this because many of us go through the same thoughts. There are many times that we don’t want to hear, “things will be better”, because at that moment we want to be able to just embrace our anger, disappointment, and often times pain. We’re entitled to FEEL.

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  7. There is so much of me in this…. the ‘dubious’ me.
    Shall not comment on it , instead breathe through it.

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    1. I am glad I got a person who thinks failures are irritating.

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      1. Yea may b only a person parallel to it will 🙂


  8. aakakg says:

    ‘Are failures really the stepping stone to success?’ – Well, according to me it totally depends on how one sees it.Someone might(it actually may be) see it as a wrong path in their life-long journey & not as a stepping stone; whilst there would be some who’d learn a lot from their failures & end up achieving great things!!!………..And as far as a competition is concerned,it isn’t a correct measure of anyone’s success/failure!!

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    1. Yeah I agree everyone has a different perspective.


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