Monotonous Meetings

Hi, guys! Long time no post (:P). Even this one is not recently written (writer’s block is torturous), it’s a piece written about more than a month ago. It’s a short story, I hope you guys like it. As always, I appreciate your comments. Happy Reading!
Monotonous Meetings
“I want to know you” he said.

“How are you planning to proceed?” She asked.

“Tell me about something that you like?” He quickly replied.

“What if I say I don’t like anything.”

He was startled and said after a pause, “You don’t?”

“I just said ‘what if’, doesn’t necessarily acts as an assertion of – I don’t like anything.” She answered.

“Hmm, what you don’t like then?”

“Umm, probably stupid conversations.” She said without adding – like this one.

“Oh-kay. You are the first one to say that.” He laughed a bit.

“And you are not the first one.” She replied without a hint of smile.

“Why are you so serious?” He enquired.

“I am not. I am just behaving normal. And you are not the first one to say that, again.” She sighed.
She thought, ‘why do people think talking sense is serious? And serious being the synonym of boring. Why can’t they understand that sense is funny, it is witty. Because as they say, you can know how smart a person is by what he/she laughs at…’

“WHAT?” He disrupted the litany of her thoughts.

“Nothing…” She started to get up from her chair in the coffee shop.

“Why are you leaving?” He enquired with a trace of confusion in his eyes.

“I just don’t think you have that much strength — ”

“I have all the strength a man can have” he interjected.

“You may have, but you don’t have the strength to know me.”

She asseverated and left.

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  1. Shoaib says:

    Well written 🙂

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  2. Wonderful blog …. Best wishes 😊👍💐☺️🌹

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    1. Thanks for stopping by! 😀

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      1. Anytime dear 😊☺️💐

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  3. I could have been the first person to comment, but I wanted to see what other people said before I jumped into the conversation. Waiting did not help, so here I go! I insert myself into the picture. At my age I never expected to be in this picture. Internet dating in America! Across from me sits another old lady. How does the conversation go? Inevitably question one is “what did you retire from?” You secretly judge the person from their occupations. Then, “how do you feel tonight?”; this is a secret code to find out what medical ailments your new friend has. If they are worse than mine, it is time to move on. “Do you live around here?” We want to know if the person lives in an apartment or has her own home. She must be as well off or better financially than I am. Otherwise, she might just be a gold digger! “Did you park your car nearby?” I need to know if she can still drive. Basically these are the “dating” questions of my generation. It is always the same. In other words, are you healthy and do you have any money? You are not getting any of mine! I think romance is dead. I shall stay home with a drink in my chair in front ot the television, play with my pets, and forget about these monotonous meetings. Perhaps I need a new perspective. What do you think?

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    1. Oh-kay! You comment gives me a different picture and perspective too. Internet dating wasn’t an idea projected in this piece, since I feel it’s better in person.
      How old are you?


      1. I assumed the people did not know each other so I thought internet. 70! Maybe I should just stick with my hobbies or go on a trip?!

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      2. Oh, yeah they didn’t know each other but at the back of mind I didn’t think of what made them sit there.
        And, you my friend have all the right to date. Age doesn’t matter. *winks*


  4. “You don’t have the strength to know me” Impressive.. Loved it. 🙂

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  5. vickylonia says:

    How you came to write this, I don’t know but you did a good work.
    Every part of this piece is just amazing. Good work!

    My name is Vicky Lonia
    I have a blog too
    I just Followed you, pls do follow back.


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