The Two Days

Yes I admit I was, unconsciously, subconsciously, consciously as well sometimes, thinking about him in those two days without realising it until I was separated from him.
Yes I admit the soft breeze that crossed me when I was with him trespassed the boundaries of the self-control which took me ages to behold. It didn’t shatter me, as some said, rather my already broken pieces shivered steadily one by one, making it almost impossible to feel one broken piece at a time. It was too smooth and serene that I failed to notice.

The catastrophic admittance of feelings could’ve only been possible when all of them possessed the same kinetic energy. But then again their masses were different so would the value be.
Though, defying physics the realisation did dawn upon me, but quite late ’cause obviously science would never not-show it’s repercussions.

And then those two days from being the best of my days became not the worst, not the saddest but the most melancholic days of my existence and he just remained beneath one of the pieces that have now re-arranged themselves and I don’t possess the strength to figure the puzzle out.
The image is one of the display paintings of Bangalore Palace. 


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  1. I sometime wonder reading your writings if they are all really fiction or reality presented as fiction? This question need not be answered. Glad to see you back.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey there!
      This question has been asked a lot of times and believe me it’s not real.
      Thanks for the welcome. XD


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