A Text No One Can Read

Hey guys. I know I haven’t been active from a very long time. I apologise profusely for the same.
This piece which I am gonna share with you all is very interesting and different from all of my previous ones because it cannot come under the fabric of fiction writing. Hope you’d enjoy. As always your views mean the world to me.


What would you think about a piece of writing no one can read?
I have been thinking a lot these days about the word art, which in its purview encloses multiple forms of expression and as I write this, the reality of the fact that this piece of writing itself can be called art though here it is indulging into a more difficult task, which is to describe art itself. Leaving aside the confusing litany of my thoughts, I want to bring to my readers attention the existence of a manuscript which till date no one can read, The Voynich Manuscript. It is said to have been dated long back to 1400’s and it’s language is yet unknown. Many cryptographers tried decoding the manuscript but in vain.

When I first read about the replica of the manuscript being published not more than a month ago, I was thrilled. However, now thinking upon this further, I started to fathom how many such pieces of art exist in the world yet un-shown to humans, and to much of the author’s intent hidden carefully somewhere. Why would someone want to write something that no one could apprehend? Or maybe the audience of it is bound by some secret/spell to not reveal the actual meaning embossed in the text or pictures (just a wild speculation). It’s just a little conjecture of mine. This could be an example of art where it doesn’t wish to lay out in open and get scrutinised by people because that is what has happened from ages and what better than to write in a language no one can perhaps read?


On another note does this manuscript deceive the purpose of art itself? If nobody can actually understand this, then what does it serve at all? It particularly concludes the very prodigal mind of the writer but apart from this, it just appalls me every time I think about it.

Bringing the question down to my personal level, I think I would love to have written something unique which only I know the meaning of. However, there would still be a part of me which would wish and love if someone could apprehend it and connect with it. What do you think reader? Is the existence of Voynich Manuscript worthwhile?



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  1. Great to read. Didn’t know about such maniscripts. ☺

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    1. I was fascinated by it too. Thank you for reading.

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  2. Dheeraj Dave says:

    Beautifully expressed..congratss

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  3. colinandray says:

    Yes. It is worthwhile for many reasons.
    It is an artifact from history, and whether it is understood or not does not change that fact.
    If nobody can understand it, does it have value? Of course! We may not understand it today…. but tomorrow?
    Is it an art form? Of course, because art (and creativity in general) should know no limiting parameters. Because one person may see no value in it as art, does not mean that another person would necessarily agree.
    What purpose does this document serve? It serves to either confirm that creativity and technology knows no limits when it comes to fabricating an attention getting circumstance, or it serves to remind us of our arrogance. Our arrogance that questions the value of something simply because we don’t understand it!
    Is its existence worthwhile? Absolutely! It reinforces that there is so much we still don’t know. It will fire the imaginations of many people for years to come. It will challenge logical minds to come up with a translations based on an accepted rationale!

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    1. I agree with everything you’ve said. The question was an open ended didn’t necessarily mean my point of view. I believe it is indeed art.


  4. Perhaps it was never intended to be read, but presented as a mysterious book used for some kind of “magical” purpose. There are drawings of the Zodiac inside it. So it serves a purpose just by being a strange object. Call it art if you will.

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    1. Hi there. Yeah, it is Art I believe? the question was open ended depending upon the perspective of the reader.

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  5. Jai says:

    Fascinating.. Never knew this.. Braille is the only language I thought when read your post title but the whole post ..woowww.. Great to read

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  6. I of July says:

    You seem to suggest the author was intent on encryption and that the language and its roots are untraceable, is that correct? First encounter with the story of this text. Thanks for bringing to light. I might need to do further research.

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    1. That’s a wild guess. I don’t know factually. Perhaps the language is knows to a few people.


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