Unsteady legs, noodles and death: Shifting to Instagram

Hi guys! Long time no see? I have good news and bad news. I am shifting the platform from here to Instagram, mainly to cut down my social media usage and considering the time I spend on Instagram, it only makes sense to use it for writing than just scrolling my life away.  Also I…

Rhetoric of free speech, Jon Snow’s ‘but’

I generally don’t use this blog to write political pieces but this one is important. It was first published in the editorial section of my department’s newspaper and I am putting it out here now. Let me know what you think, I am posting after a long time. The feature image is an illustration by…

Personally Different 

I generally do not share snippets of my own life in my blog, they are pieces of fiction. The narrative or poetic persona is not me, but today on New Years I want to talk about myself and some thoughts which I want to know if you, my readers, struggled with as well?  Have you…

A Text No One Can Read

I want to bring to my readers attention the existence of a manuscript which till date no one can read, The Voynich Manuscript. It is said to have been dated long back to 1400’s and it’s language is yet unknown. Many cryptographers tried decoding the manuscript but in vain.

The Two Days

Yes I admit I was, unconsciously, subconsciously, consciously as well sometimes, thinking about him in those two days without realising it until I was separated from him. Yes I admit the soft breeze that crossed me when I was with him trespassed the boundaries of the self-control which took me ages to behold. It didn’t…

Megillah of Marks

Sitting in the college canteen after giving my final exam, I couldn’t stop thinking about how our society has created a havoc of scoring marks and how the students continuously feel a pressure lurching in their minds of what they’ll do if they do not score 90+.

Monotonous Meetings

Hi, guys! Long time no post (:P). Even this one is not recently written (writer’s block is torturous), it’s a piece written about more than a month ago. It’s a short story, I hope you guys like it. As always, I appreciate your comments. Happy Reading! Monotonous Meetings “I want to know you” he said….

Are failures really the stepping stones to success? 

*NOTE* There is no relevance of the first line as per me, and if you want you can absolutely ignore it.  Stop for a second, and think about yourself. I seriously think the infamous saying that failures are the stepping stones to success is dubious and irritating. It was probably made to console the people…

An uncanny liaison with the Mirror

Standing in front of the Mirror early morning,
Eyes full of sleep – half shut, still dreaming,
Searching for the toothbrush, my hands wobbling through the holder,
Finally, beside much hard work I found mine.


Hey all! I am back with a new update. This piece I believe can connect to everyone. There is a time in everyone’s life when they are hurt but they can’t actually do anything about it. It’s always because of people, here it’s about how people are so rigid, stubborn in a way that it…

The Wait

‘Don’t leave me’, I say, leaving out the part that I am incomplete without you, I love you; so that it doesn’t make any harder for you to go. You hold my hand and pull me a bit closer. ‘I don’t want to leave too, but you know… I have to.’  I sigh and look…